New Trio Release Coming Soon!

Guitarist Doug MacDonald’s upcoming release, out in March 2017 on Blujazz, is “View Of The City,” a trio recording featuring New York jazz journeymen Harvie S. on bass and Steve Williams on drums. Watch the Official Trailer here.

Baby The Musical

Performing January 18-February 12, 2017 with The Coachella Valley Repertory Theatre in the off Broadway award winning “Baby— The Musical.” Get tickets here.


A Salute to the Jazz Composers: Jazz Marathon 2 Blujazz (640668344629) The musicians and set list pay tribute to some impressive musician-composers – from legends like Monk, Ellington, and Silver to lesser-known talents such as Blue Mitchell and Frank Foster. For a cherry on top, there’s a MacDonald original, (written for Thomson): “Bossa Don/Don’s Delight.”

Just For Fun: Blujazz (640668343721) This is a live recording with the best players in Los Angeles featuring Lanny Morgan, Ricky Woodard, Bob Summers, Llew Mathewes, and more. They are all stars having recorded with Nancy Wilson, Cannonball Adderley and Frank Sinatra. Don’t miss this rare concert caught on tape.

Solo Plus: Blujazz (640668343226) In these performances, Doug MacDonald employs an impressive variety of tactics to fool the ear into thinking he’s not alone. On “You Stepped Out Of A Dream,” he balances the main theme and a countermelody to imply a two-part invention; that device is distinctly different from the interplay of individual voicings that turns the medley of Track 4 into a piece for chamber-music‚ I quite like the approach to soloing that he trots out on his “Standards Medley” (Track 10), which contrasts with the free-flowing mix of techniques that characterize the bossa nova classic ‚”Wave.” And listen to the range of approaches he takes with the other Brazilian material, which fits so naturally on the guitar: on “Triste” MacDonald spreads the tonal palette by placing the melody and improvisations against a distinct bass line, unclouded by extra harmonies; but on his conjunction of “Gentle Rain” and “Corcovado” he scraps that strategy to accompany the themes with syncopated chords.

Martini Kings featuring Doug MacDonald: Martini Kings (888174964935) New sounds from Doug MacDonald and the Martini Kings giving you a retro groove beatnik swinging trio. Hip !!!

Doug MacDonald’s ReOrganized Quartet: Blujazz (640668339823) The collection kicks off with the jaunty, loping shuffle-swing number “G Jazz Blues,” which establishes the down home flavor of this inspired organ outing. The bouncy and ebullient 16-bar swinger “G.G.,” named for another significant MacDonald influence, the great guitarist and Blue Note recording artist Grant Green, demonstrates the tight unisons between MacDonald’s guitar and Webb’s tenor. “Bandera,” named for the Los Angeles restaurant where MacDonald has played for thirteen years, is a mellow bossa nova that features a string of potent solos from Pierce, Webb and the leader. The up-tempo swinger “Bat Into Hell,” with its allusions to John Coltrane’s “Lazy Bird,” is yet another showcase for MacDonald and Pierce both together and as individual soloists.

It’s A Blue World: Blujazz (640668337720) The guitar trio is a very natural setting lending itself to creative interplay and a type of synergy between the players. The team of Lou Shoch on bass and Jack LeCompte on drums are invaluable. Both gave a great performance and provided a tremendous input towards the project. One highlight is Lou’s soulful vocal on “The Masquerade Is Over.” This specific group performs together live on a regular basis and has evolved into a summit peak level. The difference in this setting is the unusual approach of free horizontal compositional and arranging techniques. The guitarist has complete freedom with just the bass and drums. The rhythm section without piano has the open space to breathe uncluttered refreshing air. The color of the instrument is so much a part of the concept, the emphases being on a rich tone and clear round sound. Swing and groove are paramount on this disc. We must also mention the blues feel that runs throughout this type of jazz. If it is left out it has no snap, spice, or substance. This style and sound is of an earlier era in jazz music. The program includes a wide variety of songs ranging from lesser known standards to originals, placed in a carefully selected order to create a concert flow. We hope you enjoy this musical experience.

Fourth Stream: Blujazz (640668337522) Our new project consists of The Jazz Coalition group containing thirteen musicians flute, oboe, clarinet, bassoon, french horn, trumpet #1, trumpet #2, trombone, tuba, piano, bass, drums, and guitar plus a string section. The first stream is the jazz rhythm section. Followed by the brass quintet. This configuration recorded ‚”Warm Valley‚” on Resurgent Music RM111 released in 1996. After some time passed we decided to add a woodwind quartet and in 2003 recorded the CD “TURN” on Sea Breeze Jazz SB3061. Last but not least we added a fifteen member string section to this new recording. Nine violins, three violas, two celli, and one bass. This fourth section completes the ensemble. We call this Fourth Stream adhering to the combination of jazz and classical, “Jazzical.”

Beautiful Friendship: Blujazz (640668336020) Swinging jazz guitar doing great tunes with a great sound.

Gentle Rain: Sea Breeze Jazz / Sea Breeze Jazz (017231308423) Swinging Trio and Quartet CD. Two pianists that passed away are featured Ross Tompkins and Marty Harris.

Turn: Sea Breeze Records / Sea Breeze Jazz (017231306122) This 13 member band has woodwinds and brass with jazz guitar and rhythm section combining jazz and classical sounds in a very unique way.In his eighth recording, TURN, on Sea Breeze Jazz, MacDonald focuses on his composing/arranging skills and introduces non-traditional instrumentation in the form of a 13-piece ensemble, “The Jazz Winds/Brass Coalition,” to showcase his and other writers’ music.

Blue Capers: Sea Breeze Records / Sea Breeze Jazz (017231304623) Swinging groove jazz guitar.

Organizing: Resurgent Music (767557711628) Jazz guitar with organ and tenor combo, featuring Plas Johnson, Art Hilary, and Johnny Kirkwood.

Warm Valley: Resurgent Music (RM111) Features arrangements by trumpeter Buddy Childers, Lou Forestieri and Jimmie Dykes, who shares the composing/arranging spotlight with MacDonald on “Turn.”