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Doug MacDonald and the L.A. All-Star Octet


1. Night by Night (7:10)

2. Bossa for PK (6:25)

3. Blues by Eight (5:30)

4. Hortense (6:00)

5. Lover Man (4:59)

6. Over #21 (4:03)

7. Ground Up (5:06)

8. Rickey Speaking (4:30)


Doug MacDonald - Guitar

Aaron Janik - Trumpet

Kim Richmond - Alto Saxophone (tracks 1-4, 6-8)

Rickey Woodard - Tenor Saxophone

Ira Nepus - Trombone

Bill Cunliffe - Acoustic Piano (tracks 1, 3-8), Electric Piano (track 2), and Hammond B3 (track 6)

Chuck Berghofer - Bass

Roy McCurdy - Drums

Paul Kreibich - Shaker (track 2)

Octets go back a long way in jazz — Dave Brubeck recorded with one as far back as 1946, and Dave Pell's popular and long-lived ensemble dates from the early '50s — but these days, music business realities being what they are, recordings of groups larger than a quartet aren't all that common.

So why an octet?

"I recorded with a 13-piece band a while back and also produced a project with a string section. I like the sound of four horns rather than the three, like you find in a lot of R&B bands. Typical bebop bands usually have a trumpet, tenor, and alto. I prefer the sound of two brass and two saxes." - Doug MacDonald

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