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Serenade to Highland Park


Doug MacDonald


1. Days Of Wine And Roses (5:07)

2. Manhã De Carnaval (5:32)

3. Next Time You See Me (4:49)

4. Hortense (5:46)

5. Dearly Beloved (4:04)

6. More Than You Know (4:10)

7. Shadow Waltz (4:55)

8. They Say It's Wonderful Wonderful (4:48)

9. Brazil (5:53)

10. Serenade To Highland Park (3:35)

11. Frenesi (5:38)

12. You Stepped Out Of A Dream (4:01)


Doug MacDonald - Guitar
Mike Flick - Bass
Paul Kreibich - Drums

This album's inspiration came when Mark Avila heard our trio play at Edwin Mills, a restaurant in Pasadena. He offered us studio time at York Recording in Highland Park, a historic neighborhood in Los Angeles that has recently seen a renaissance. It is the new trendy place to be!

The tunes we picked are standards from yesteryear, with the addition of two original compositions. Our instrumentation of guitar, bass, and drums are often misunderstood in today's modern music scene. The harmonic nature of an ensemble without piano is often under appreciated. The guitar plays the melodies, in what is referred to as "chord melody", a technique that blends the melodic lines with the harmony. The bass and drums add a very important counterpoint texture, interplaying with the guitar. They are more than mere accompanists!

We strived to capture the spontaneous feel of a live performance. I am very pleased with the results from this effort. Special thanks to all involved in this project. I feel our enthusiasm will be felt by you, the listener.

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