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I've Got The Minor Blues


Doug MacDonald


A1. Media Minor (6:15)

A2. XXXL (6:16)

A3. Wailua Blues (5:20)

A4. Idaho (3:18)

B1. Country Sausage (5:37)

B2. Polkadots & Moonbeams (4:26)

B3. I've Got The Minor Blues (4:26)

B4. The Gimp (4:24)


Darrell Fernandez - bass
Sonny Froman - drums
Doug MacDonald - guitar
Clyde Pound - piano
Paul Madison - tenor saxophone (3)

Recorded at Audio Media Studios, June/July 1981 by engineer Tracy Clay

“…every component slides neatly into place and everyone does his part to maximize its congeniality and charm.”

Jack Bowers -

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