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Doug MacDonald: Serenade To Highland Park

US artist Doug MacDonald released the album "Serenade to Highland Park" back in 2021. and jazz is the style explored on this production. This is an all instrumental, with the guitar, bass and drums as the instruments of choice in a trio format. Elegant, light toned and playful, delicate guitar leads is the dominant force here, with wandering plucked notes as the chosen form throughout. Just about all the songs are pace-filled, vibrant and playful, with a few slower cuts added here and there. While the guitar is the star of the show, both the bassist and the drummer gets to showcase their abilities as lead instrumentalists too, but their main role is in support and they do an excellent job there displaying the same kind of elegance as MacDonald does on his guitar. A production for those who like their jazz to be easygoing, melodic, playful and uplifting in tone, mood and spirit.

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